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DIVINE CREATION.mp3 (2:57min, 2,7 MB)

Taken from "Natural Born Assholes" (still unreleased).
Recorded at K-Sound in 2006.

Patridiots-audioPATRIDIOTS.mp2 (3:13min, 5MB)
Patridiots-videoPATRIDIOTS.avi (3:13min, 24MB)

Taken from a Demo-Session,  recorded at K-Sound in  Spring 2005.
Video stuff from a gig in Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen and from our rehearsal room.
Thanx to Björn and Przemek for their work at this video-file!
If you've got problems with download of this clip, please visit our MySpace-Site or YouTube to see it!

WALL OF IGNORANCE.mp3 (3:33min, 3MB)
I SHOULD BE DEAD.mp3 (1:43min, 1,5 MB)

Both tracks taken from "Buttfucked by Destiny", recorded at K-Sound in August 2003.

Kalender 2013

Calendar 2013
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